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JAMES ANTHONY is an experienced chemical engineer with a master’s in mechanical engineering. He has written two books on politics: The Constitution Needs a Good Party, and rConstitution Papers.

These books show how to reuse the Constitution’s design to limit a party organization, and show how a good party’s representatives can limit our governments.

Midwest Book Review called The Constitution Needs a Good Party “exceptionally well written, organized and presented … as insightfully thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is ultimately hopeful and inspiring.”

In The Constitution Needs a Good Party, James Anthony writes that:

  • Taxes in the American Colonies were only 1% to 2% of Gross Domestic Product.
    Incomes in the American Colonies rose to 68% higher than in Great Britain.
  • Senate Republicans range from 0% Progressive to 90% Progressive. This makes every Congress supermajority Progressive.

In rConstitution Papers, James Anthony writes that:

  • Every major party so far has risen to power by standing for more freedom.
  • The presidents who won their first elections by the all-time-highest electoral percentages were more-constitutionalist.
    Highest, at 100%, was George Washington. Next highest at 91% was Ronald Reagan.
  • Turnouts with primaries now are around 55%. Turnouts with caucuses in the 1890s were 79%. That was higher by 44%.
  • To really separate powers, statutes must contain nothing but rules and penalties. We can get to this using commonsense tests: nothing out-of-scope, no goals, no delegations of power, no grabs of executive or judicial power, not unreadable.

In an article in Foundation for Economic Education on September 19, 2020, “Government Agencies Are Holding Back ‘Fast Tests’ that Could Be Saving Lives,” James Anthony wrote that:

  • Inexpensive, at-home, fast tests for COVID-19 infectiousness would very-rapidly stop transmission to vulnerable people.
  • Congress and the president won’t let people use these $5 tests at home, and they bought up the whole supply for 2020.

In an article in The Federalist on September 8, 2020, “Your Future Earnings Are Quickly Becoming Other People’s Money,” James Anthony wrote that:

  • The thing that drives future consumer-price inflation is the population per dollar.
  • The population per dollar has been pushed way down this year, faster than any time in five decades—including the 1970s.

In an article in American Thinker, “George Washington’s Error and the Corruption of Banking,” James Anthony wrote that:

  • All our inflations and deep recessions would have been prevented by keeping our money and banking constitutional.
  • George Washington could have kept money and banking constitutional with a single veto of the first national bank.