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JAMES ANTHONY is the author of The Constitution Needs a Good Party and rConstitution Papers, and publishes He has written in The Federalist, American Thinker, Foundation for Economic Education, American Greatness, and Mises Institute.   

Mr. Anthony is a professional engineer with a strong background in process design, control, and modeling and in project management. He has a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from the University of MissouriRolla, and a master of science in mechanical engineering, with an emphasis in computational fluid dynamics, from Washington University.

The Constitution Needs a Good Party: Good Government Comes from Good Boundaries

“As insightfully thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is ultimately hopeful and inspiring.”—Midwest Book Review

  • American Colonists had the world’s-lowest taxes: 1% to 2% of GDP. Incomes grew to exceed those in Great Britain by 68%.
  • Freedom requires that government people use their constitutional powers to limit others in government. Progressives don’t.
  • Republicans are from 0% to 90% Progressive, and Democrats are Progressive, so every Congress is supermajority Progressive.
  • A good party needs a party declaration, constitution, and laws that disqualify Progressives and favor constitutionalists.

rConstitution Papers: Offsetting Powers Secure Our Rights

  • Every major party so far has risen to power by standing for more freedom.
  • Laws separate powers if they have no unenumerated powers, no goals, no delegation, and no power grabs, and are readable.
  • When we follow the Constitution, abortion will be prevented, wars will be rare and decisive, and money will grow in value.

“Inflation’s Root Cause, Reagan’s Compromise, and Constitutionalists’ Solution”

  • Reagan reset inflation from high back to low but didn’t uproot inflation’s root cause: spending.

“Biases Favoring War Are Overcome by Having Good Boundaries”

  • Errors in perception and projection are limited when congresses and presidents maintain the Constitution’s good boundaries.

“Zero Tolerance for Election-Manner Violations”

  • State legislators must triage for deviations from their election processes and must exclude compromised pools of ballots.

“Private Health”

  • Health needs to be protected not bygovernments but from governments and cronies.

“Outgrow Entitlements: Stop Losses, Cover Debts, and Help More”

  • Free the customers, producers, and taxpayers. Free people produce best, and out of abundance they help others best.

“Trump’s 3 Options: Fail, Exit, or Demolish”

  • Trump will fail if he does too little differently. But he can exit well, or he can do comprehensive demolition.

“First Use the Constitution to Limit Governments, Then Privatize Everything”

  • Use a constitution to limit at least one major party, and that party will limit all governments and let private solutions form.