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JAMES ANTHONY is the author of The Constitution Needs a Good Party and rConstitution Papers, and publishes He has written articles in The Federalist, American Thinker, Foundation for Economic Education, and American Greatness.

Mr. Anthony is a professional engineer with a strong background in process design, control, and modeling and in project management. He has a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from the University of MissouriRolla, and a master of science in mechanical engineering, with an emphasis in computational fluid dynamics, from Washington University.

The Constitution Needs a Good Party: Good Government Comes from Good Boundaries

“As insightfully thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is ultimately hopeful and inspiring.”—Midwest Book Review

  • American Colonists had the world’s-lowest taxes1% to 2% of GDP. Incomes grew to exceed those in Great Britain by 68%.
  • Freedom requires that government people use their constitutional powers to limit others in government. Progressives don’t.
  • Republicans are from 0% to 90% Progressive, and Democrats are Progressive, so every Congress is supermajority Progressive.
  • A good party needs a party declaration, constitution, and laws that disqualify Progressives and favor constitutionalists.

rConstitution Papers: Offsetting Powers Secure Our Rights

  • Every major party so far has risen to power by standing for more freedom.
  • Laws separate powers by having no unenumerated power, no goals, no delegation, and no power grabs, and being readable.
  • When we follow the Constitution, abortion will be prevented, wars will be rare and decisive, and money will grow in value.

“Do You Support the Constitution? Take This Quiz and See”

If you support the Constitution, you would sponsor full repeals of almost all state and national departments and agencies.

“The Right Needs a More Confrontational Politics”

Activism in support of the Constitution will give people the option to live under minimalist rules and to otherwise live freely.

“A New Major Party Is Forming Right before Our Eyes”

Many politicians are starting to use their constitutional powers to limit others in government, like a good party’s people will.

“COVID Spin-Ops: Government Failures Buried, Government Actions Hyped”

Government failures created COVID and increased its spread and kill. Spin-ops then hyped government solutions.

“What the Lubbock Sanctuary for the Unborn Shows Us”

Supporting the Constitution requires focusing on using the powers of legislators, executives, and juries.

“Your Future Earnings Are Quickly Becoming Other People’s Money”

Future consumer-price inflation depends on the population per dollar, which in 2020 was pushed down the fastest to date.

“Who Will Benefit Long-Term from Ending the Filibuster?”

The filibuster ratchets into place the Progressive state. End the filibuster, and change for the better will come, and will last.