Government-process design, dynamics, and control

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America’s individual freedom changed the world. Now, though, our government is out of control. 

We need representatives who use their constitutional powers against others in government. 

To get them, sustainably, we need to build a good party, with a party declaration, constitution, and caucuses. 

Here’s how. It’s the one solution; and a quick read. 

The Constitution Needs a Good Party

Good Government Comes from Good Boundaries

“Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, The Constitution Needs a Good Party … is as insightfully thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is ultimately hopeful and inspiring. An especially timely and unreservedly recommended addition to community, college, and university library American Political Science collections and supplemental curriculum studies lists … [Also recommended] for the personal reading lists of students, academia, social activists, political reformers, governmental policy makers, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject …” 

— Midwest Book Review

“Most politicians of both major parties totally ignore the Constitution … James Anthony argues that a new political party is needed … Millions of Americans have awakened to what is going on in their country. Perhaps it is not too late to turn the ship of state around.”
— Robert W. McGee, professor, PhDs in economics, ethics, political philosophy, politics, law (JD & PhD), and more

One good political party will make everything work well.

What’s wrong with U.S. politics today is that our representatives ignore the Constitution.

The solution is simple: Design a political party to elect representatives who will fully use their constitutional powers, keeping our government within its required good boundaries. This will leave us free to pursue happiness ourselves.

The Constitution Needs a Good Party explains:

  • Why every election leaves us with a solid majority of Progressive Democrats + Progressive Republicans, who violate the Constitution.
  • How to list these violations as the grievances in a new party’s declaration of independence from past parties, creating a pledge to support the Constitution through specific actions.
  • How to reuse the Constitution to structure a new party to keep the grassroots in charge.
  • How the Constitution-respecting presidents George Washington and Ronald Reagan were the most electable ever.
  • How a well-designed party would not have been rigged in 2016 to nominate Donald Trump, and the party’s grassroots would have nominated Ted Cruz. 
When the United States followed the Constitution better from 1789 through 1913, we changed the world. We can change the world again. 



Part 1: A Good Party

  1. Tails Wag Dog
  2. Nation’s Structure Is Best Model for Party’s Structure
  3. Nation’s Name Is Best Model for Party’s Name
  4. Nation’s Declaration Is Best Model for Party’s Declaration
  5. Nation’s Constitution Is Best Model for Party’s Constitution
  6. Prior Parties’ Lawlessness Is Best Guide on Party’s Laws
  7. Party’s Processes Teach Nation’s Processes
  8. Party’s Firm Boundaries Define Contours of Transition
  9. Build to Last
  10. Note on Next Steps for Individuals

Part 2: USA Constitution

Part 3: USA Declaration of Independence