Chemical-engineer author on politics

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James Anthony is a chemical engineer who applies process design, process control, and practical research to politics. 

James Anthony is a chemical engineer with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. His understanding of process design and process control and his wide-ranging research have led him to start with the best past and present components in government and politics and build an optimum, commonsense path forward.

The Constitution Needs a Good Party quickly describes the many ways that government people don’t limit other government people, and then quickly describes exactly how to get people who will, from a good party. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are used as the models for structuring a good party. Every aspect of candidate selection is changed for the better.

rConstitution Papers shows more-vividly how government will work when government people follow the Constitution under at least one good party. Laws will be written the way they need to be written to make the separated powers truly separate. Government people will use their offsetting powers to keep other government people in line. Policies will no longer deprive any person of life, liberty, or property. At least one party won’t break bad like all past parties have, but instead will stay good and popular. With government self-limited, people will work together freely, adding far more value. 

Chemical engineers have been described as the universal problem solvers, finding solutions by applying math, physics, chemistry, and whatever else helps. James Anthony diagnoses the root problem in politics and shows how to use the best-proven components to make government self-limiting.

James Anthony
28 Ellington Oaks Ct.
St. Peters, MO 63376 US
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